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Project Management

Effective Project Management

Driven by client concerns for cost effectiveness, reduction of corporate staff functions and a general trend toward adoption of a ‘doing more with less’ philosophy, kx² offers a variety of project management and technical support services to its customers.

Project Management Contracting

kx² inc. has an outstanding track record as a project management contractor. As project manager we form a working partnership to ensure that client interests and business objectives are met in the most cost-effective manner. This operational methodology produces a quality outcome that is cost effective, technically sound, and deliverable in a minimum time frame.

Project Management Technologies

kx² understands the importance of managing all the component parts of a complex program equally; we manage the whole by managing the pieces. We pay close attention to the small tasks that, if overlooked, can create a negative flow on scheduled milestones or costs. In order to facilitate this, we utilize a wide array of project management and collaborative software technologies and assist your organization in leveraging technology-infused solutions to manage project dilemmas.

  • SoftwareMindJet MindManager, JIRA, MS Project, Smartsheet