Financial Modeling

We create robust business and financial models to forecast the effects of new initiatives or businesses. We serve small sized companies and funds by proving strategic insights with our advanced financial models. Our job is to clarify your ideas so they are easily presentable by providing complete financial model packages which support your business plan. We do this through best-in-class software and highly parameterized inputs and calculations.

Modeling Corporate Strategy

We help you minimize financial risks for new project implementation by providing business clarity through effective models. We structure complex what-if analysis within our robust financial models that easily integrate into your business database solutions.

Industry Standard Financial Modelling

We are committed to using industry standard SMART financial modelling guidelines when crafting models for our clients. Our approach allows us to achieve full flexibility to address any analytical requirement in any business situation and industry sector. Thinking of the end user, we focus on a consistent, simple, and intuitive structure that communicates a story though powerful analysis that is built to last. Our models are clean and neat, allowing you to present to board members or investors and are free of errors.


MS Excel, RStudio, Google Sheets